Why Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products Are Better For Your Oven

by | Jan 25, 2021 | Uncategorized

With tough stains and carbon burnt into the surface of your oven, it can be hard to believe that it is possible to restore your oven without the use of nasty, corrosive chemicals. The downside of these off-the-shelf chemicals that some oven cleaning services use, is that they can be caustic- which means they can damage the interior of your oven. Beautiful stainless steel racking and shelves can become rusted and dull- but thankfully there is a superior alternative.

Eco-friendly cleaning products will help you to clean your oven just as well as products that can damage the environment, and relieve you of the worry that you could be polluting the planet, or contributing to the production of harmful and toxic chemicals. Not only are these products safer for both the environment and your own health, but can also be better for your oven.

Eco-friendly oven cleaners:

  • Often use biodegradable packaging and ingredients
  • Use plant-based ingredients
  • Don’t use single-use plastics, or offer refills in-store
  • Are not tested on animals
  • Make use of recycled materials.

They do not contain harmful chemicals that could damage sensitive eco-systems if released into waterways. Eco-friendly oven cleaners, therefore, cannot leave chemical residue inside your oven, which could damage your oven or could cause harm to people if ingested.

Ovenkleen has been offering professional oven cleaning services since 2006, and our fully trained, insured and experienced technicians can help to restore your oven to its former glory in no time. Our exclusive use of eco-friendly cleaning products means that there are no residues, smells, or chemicals, which means that you can get back to using your fresh, clean and safe oven in no time at all.

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