Effective Ways to Maintain Your Oven

by | Jan 12, 2021 | Uncategorized

Does your oven smell or produce smoke when you turn it on but before you’ve even put anything in? Then it’s time for a thorough clean! This OvenKleen guide will show you our top four tips to get the most out of your oven and reduce how often you need it cleaned.

1. Keep it clean in the first place!

The best way to keep your oven clean is to avoid the mess in the first place, make sure to always use baking trays and if you’re cooking something extra messy the having an extra dish or even some tin foil underneath can catch any loose drops and save you needing to clean it once it burns and hardens.

2. Use the self-cleaning feature

Many people aren’t aware that a lot of ovens come with a self cleaning feature that, while not as effective as professional cleaning, still helps a great deal to cut down the build-up of grease and grime. The oven will be on high heat during this time so make sure to stay home until it’s done and wait at least 6 hours for it to cool before wiping it down.

3. Keeping your stovetops cleaners

At Ovenkleen we also take care of microwaves and, one of the most neglected kitchen appliances, stovetop burners or hobs. Gas and electric hobs are given a regular wipe down with kitchen cleaning sprays will provide a more consistent temperature, in a pinch vinegar can be used as a chemical substitute.

4. Call your local oven cleaners

Of course, the most effective way to maintain your oven is to put your feet up and have a well-earned rest while an OvenKleen professional takes care of your oven using specialist tools and chemicals to get your oven sparkling clean and good as new, from its exterior glass to a deep extractor fan cleaning.

So if you’re interested in an expert oven cleaning service operating across Exeter, Torbay and Newton Abbot contact our professional oven cleaners for a quote today.